Welcome to our new interactive Service Portal.

This portal was established to offer several opportunities to our customers and service partners.

All our customers are able to look for the closest certified service station in that area where a service or repair is required. The service partner is listed with all necessary contact details. This service can be used without any login procedure.

All our authorized service partners can use their username and password for the login procedure. After successful login they can do the complete communication and paperwork which is needed to carry out a proper service. In detail they are able to:

  • find informationís about the previous service what was carried out on a particular vessel
  • download all required checklists concerning the annual and 5-years service jobs
  • upload the filled service checklist in order to get the required certificate
  • look for news and downloads
  • change their own company details
  • send a message to Global Davit

Of course to improve this service platform we need your feedback and therefore we kindly ask you not to hesitate to contact us on in case of any comment or question.

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