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Lifeboat winches, life-/rescue boat winches and rescue boat winches for incorporating in systems using winch and falls

The product-group of winches
represent a full scalar of winches suitable for incorporating in your davit system.
The winches can be supplied with a smooth single drum, a single two section drum or two drums (one on either side) and are, as standard, designed to meet the speeds and loads resulting from double-falls reeving. The winches are normaly deck-mounted and are full accordance with the present SOLAS-rules

Each lifeboat winch consists of:

  • drum(s) for coiling the wire rope(s) in two layers

  • gearbox for transferring the load to motor and brake and connection to the foundation

  • centrifugal brake(s)

  • holding brake

  • electric motor in IP56

  • electric system with starter box for under-deck and pushbutton box for on-deck

  • full set of limit switches

  • storage drum for remote control of the stop-go type

  • crank handle for manual operation

additionally for life-/rescue boat winches:

  • two-speed electric motor IP56


  • grooved drum(s)

  • heave compensation function (for rescue boat winches only)

  • alternative foundation for integrating in the davit system

  • electric system with stainless steel starter box with push buttons in on-deck execution

  • explosion proof electric motor and electric system

  • full electric cabling

Winch type W05HC and W08HC

A special NEW
developement is the fast rescue boat winch with the wave compensation function.

This type of winch meets all special SOLAS requirements of winches for fast rescue boat handling.

Actually this type of winch is available in two different sizes and will be delivered with the MED certificate.

Description of type code

W -

main function: winch for lifesaving purpose

02 -
07 -
10 -
14 -
26 -
...and so on...

output torque 2kNm, line pull max. 1.400kg
output torque 7 kNm, line pull max. 4.000 kg
output torque 10 kNm, line pull max. 5.500 kg
output torque 14 kNm, line pull max. 6.500 kg
output torque 26 kNm, line pull max. 11.000 kg

L. -

winch for lifeboat handling

R. -

winch for life-/rescue boat handling

HC. -

heave compensation function


reference to winch related approvals


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